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a." have a great valentine's day. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead we expect a formal announcement today that would affect millions of travelers. american airlines and u.s. airways agreeing to a merger, they would become the world's biggest airline. >> in south africa, an olympic sprinter and double amputee has been arrested in the shooting death of a woman. good morning, washington. it's thursday, february 14. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras on this valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day, everybody. we got an inch of snow or less
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across the area. just a trace at reagan national. i cannot even see anything on the grass. germantown had an inch as well as winchester. just shy of an inch in wgaithersburg. most of its stock to the grassy areas. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. watch for slick spots on the roadways this morning especially if they are elevated. 35 degrees at reagan national. a beautiful day to look forward to. lots of sunshine with a high around 49 degrees. a big cooldown for the weekend. the seven-day forecast is minutes away. first, jamee? >> i needed to scrape my window. so little extra time is needed for that. watch for slick spots especially bridges, ramps,
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overpasses. inbound the newtown, d.c. 295 northbound at 11th street bridge, they're waiting for a tow truck. no problems to report around the capital beltway. maryland and virginia checking out fine. getting to the beltway from stafford, 95 is good to go. back to you. >> thank you. we want to start with a developing story. this involves olympic sprinter oscar press sttorias. >> 30-year-old woman was found dead at his house in south africa. they found a 9 millimeter and he was taken into custody. the woman is his girlfriend. he may have mistaken her for a burglar. police are not clarifying. he made history and at the london olympics last year when
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he became the first double amputee runner to compete on the track. a police investigating a home invasion in new carrollton. officers got the call around 10:30 wednesday night to respond to the 5200 block of 85th avenue. there were no injuries. investigators are not saying if they have made an arrest greg. as a suspicious death in alexandria could turn out to be the first murder in the city of 2013. a family member found the 94- year-old man's body wednesday night at home in the 2700 block of holly street. investigators have not release his name or cause of death. he died under suspicious circumstances. that has people in this quiet neighborhood nervous. >> it's a very quiet neighborhood, almost rural. >> these types of incidents just don't happen not only in this neighborhood but in our city. >> if it is will the homicide,
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it will be alexandria's first murder since 2011. >> learning more aboutraduate student push-out two roommates at their college park home. 23-year-old dayvon green worked as an auxiliary campus police officer last fall for two weeks but was fired after not showing up for work. he shot and killed 22-year-old stephen rane of silver spring and wounded another roommate early tuesday morning and then killed himself the. green's family said he had been suffering from a mental illness for least a year before the shooting. >> maryland lawmakers will have a hearing today on a bill that would abolish the state's death penalty/ the governor is scheduled to testify in favor the repeal. the last execution in maryland deposit in 2005. a moratorium kicked in after that over concerns about the lethal injection procedure. five men remain on death row right now. if the death penalty is repealed maryland will become
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the sixth state to abolish capital punishment since 2007. >> concerns over sequestration are growing. the senate appropriations committee will hold a hearing today on the possible impact. defense secretary leon panetta has given a stern warning. >> members of congress need to understand they were elected to protect the public, not to hurt the public. >> if a deal is not reached between congress and the white house, the pentagon faces $46 billion in budget cuts over seven months beginning in march. the defense department would also face additional cuts next year and beyond. >> president obama this morning will travel to decatur, georgia tech visit pre-k students and then speak at a recreation center. is afternoon he returns to the white house to take part in a fireside hang out on google+ to discuss a state of the union address and to interact.
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it starts at 4:50 p.m. and will be streamed live on the white house web site for along with his youtube and google+ pages. >> the postal service puts congress in an interesting predicament with its decision to end saturday delivery. >> can possible merger between u.s. airways and american. linda bell joining us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. anne valentine data you. >> happy valentine's day. looks like it's finally nearing an end. directors have voted on the merger approved $11 billion deal yesterday. this sets the stage for an announcement later today. the combined airline will fly under the american name while the ceo of u.s. airways will be the ceo. the postal service decision to stop saturday mail is getting complicated. congress needs to agree on most
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of the changes. the postmaster general -- congress needs to agree on most of the changes that the postmaster general wants to make. this would put patrick dominahoe in contention with unions. your 401 k retirement fund is most likely on the rise. and let's talk lingerie. more retailers are providing and intimate apparel but four teenagers. more on that in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>its 34 degrees. >> still to come, this is the
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day that thousands of cruise ship passengers have been waiting for. they will finally return to the united states after being stranded at sea for days. what they say
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>> welcome back. a beautiful look at the nation's capital. 34 degrees. a chilly start. but it will warm up.
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>> right. and it will be above the freezing mark. the streets are wet and a few folks waking up to snow, mostly on the grassy areas. >> they might have to scrape the windshield a little. >> yes. we will show you the system as it moved through. the farther north and west of d.c., and more snow you got. most people got an inch or less. skies are starting to clear out. that will be very nice, shaping up to be a beautiful day. 32 degrees in washington, 32 in bethesda, 35 and burning dowin germantown. we will make it up to almost 50 degrees this afternoon. a great end to the work week. until the week ahead -- a chilly weekend ahead.
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jamee? correct you might find some slick spots here and there, so be careful. crossing the woodrow wilson bridge through maryland and virginia, looks good in each direction. no problems around the capital beltway. college park looks good. heading through town, there was a crash on the inbound 11th street bridge they were winding down. back to you. >> thank you. 34 degrees on this thursday morning. greg kelly maryland sheriff -->> a
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>> welcome back. alexandria police may be investigating the city's first murder since 2011. they family member found a 94- year-old man's body wednesday night at home on holly street. investigators have not released the victim's name or the cause of death, but they say he died under suspicious circumstances. president obama will spend another day pushing the agenda in tuesday's state of the union address. he will talk about education when he visits a georgia school today and then will return to the white house for a google+ fireside hangout. american and u.s. airways set to announce this morning they will merge to form the world's
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largest airline. the new airline would keep the american name. critics say the merger could mean less competition as well as higher fares. >> around the nation, the carnival cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico is expected to arrive in mobile, alabama this afternoon. the company's acknowledges the cruise ship triumph was placed in the past by other mechanical problems before sunday's engine fire. company has canceled 12 more planned voyages. more than 4000 people are on board the stranded ship. basic conditions are dismal and that they have limited access to food and bathrooms. the remains found inside a burning cabin in big bear, california, still have not been identified. police say that all evidence points to christopher dorner. former lapd officer allegedly killed four people before he barricaded himself in a cabin that caught fire. the san bernardino no sheriff said his deputies did not intentionally burn down the
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cabin. he said they shot pyrotechnic teargas into the cabin and it erupted in flames. >> more police officers will patrol the nannie helen burroughs corridor after several sexual assaults. the latest happened early tuesday morning. a woman was walking when a man approached, pulled out a gun, to occur behind a nearby home and attacked her. she eventually got away and called police. greg washington redskins breaking ground on their new training facility in richmond today. virginia governor bob mcdonnell and the mayor of richmond joining the team for the event. the $9 million facility is part of a development deal which was approved last year. the new training center expected to be finished by july. in florida, the washington nationals will give the field today for their first practice with pitchers and catchers during spring training. it's the first official practice. >> we are excited. the team is looking at what is
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ahead. during nazis and the nationals signed picture rafael soriano. -- during the last year, the nationals designedsigned rafael soriano. the team is looking for some mascots that will be able to run fast. they also have to wear a 45 pound costumes for several hours. applications are due by wednesday and are additions are march 2. the current mascot will spend presidents' day at mount rushmore. they're looking for the newest president william taft. >> adam caskey would be the perfect person. a metro board committee is expected to vote today on a proposal to offer nearly 80 acres of land near the greenbelt metro station to the fbi.
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the transit agency currently uses the land for parking and bus bay is. approving the plan could help prince george's county's effort to attract the law enforcement agency. the fbi is looking for a new area for its headquarters. >> on this valentine's day, a maryland sheriff issues a unique glove note to local criminals on the los. -- love note. >> a unique love note to local criminals and their loved ones. >> you might be surprised. >> valentine's day is my favorite holiday. >> when he's not looking for love. it's perfect match is one behind bars. >> you were charged with a violation of probation of theft charges. >> queen anne's county sheriff gary hofmann is tugging at the heart strings of their
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significant others. >> the first tip that leads to an arrest, i will personally give you an dozen roses. it is interesting. >> usually you have an image of a cop that no one wants to go near. >> residents don't think it will lead to a "jailhouse rock deviendezvous. do you think it will lead to an arrest? >> probably not. >> this is the second time, but there were no takers last year. love must be in the air. six have already been turned in this year. >> i'm waiting. >> abc 7 news, autria godfrey. >> the sheriff's office says
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that it's not just on valentine's day. on halloween they put together a list of the most heinous looking much shots. on father's day, is a list of unsupportive dands. it's 4:51. let's look at the weather. >> jacqui jeras, our resident wearer of red. >> cynne simpson is off wearing pink and scott is wearing a red necktie. we have it covered. it's going to be a beautiful day. 45 degrees is the temperature right now -- 35. a wind chill of 31. temperature at dulles is 35. 32 in gaithersburg and frederick. we got a little snow last evening, so use caution traveling. anything elevated could be ic. 30 degrees in manassas and culpeper. the satellite and radar picture shows everything has pulled off
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shore. the skies trying to clear out across the metro. expect ample sunshine today. high between 47 and the 52. look at your seven-day forecast. 54 tomorrow. perhaps a little light rain or snow late friday night. that will be over by the weekend. temperatures will plummet. highs in the mid 30's by sunday. sit by the fireplace and cuddle up with your valentine. jamee? >> i like that. let's start in maryland. watch for slick conditions. crews have moved the camera around in the clarksburg area. looking at snow. in need to watch your step as you head out. marilyn, interstate 905 northbound before you get to route 1 hundred, a crash. two lanes blocked after route 1 hundred at 895 actually, before you get to bwi marshall airport.
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inbound 11 street bridge, a crash in the clearing status. back to you. >> thank you. 34 degrees. >> falling more bad news for fans of lady gaga. she has cancelled the rest of her store. that included a stop in the nation's capital. >> today on "katie" there celebrating valentine's day by sharing unforgettable wedding stories. guests include donald driver and genie
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>> 7 is on your side with an issue that's has women of congress seeing red. we're not talking about politics or valentine's day. it will dress in red today in honor of american heart month. 43 million women are living with heart disease. makers will pose for a picture which will be included in the go red for women campaign, sponsored by the american heart association. lady gaga and has canceled the rest of her tour dates. she has a tair that will require surgery at, which will need a recovery time. fans purchased tickets will receive a refund beginning today.
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>> bad news. mama june will not be a contestant on "dancing with the stars. the rumors had been swirling that she would compete in the hit abc show, but a spokesperson from tlc says the rumors are false. the contestants will be announced on tuesday, february 26 on good morning america. we will carry that announcement as well. looking forward to the next cast. >> no mama june. >> it's not happening. >> for clock 57, 34 degrees. >> still ahead why airport security guard is in hot water for the treatment ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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